The Painting With Purpose Story


In October 2021, Zach Dunn was attending a marketing management class when a member of the company "Collegiate Entrepreneurs" delivered a one-minute pitch presentation about an internship opportunity that combined painting and entrepreneurship. Zach was intrigued by the idea, having previously run Dunn Brothers Mobile Auto Detailing for two years, and signed up for the opportunity by adding his name to the sign-up sheet that was being passed around the
class. Shortly thereafter, he found himself riding in a car with the same manager who had presented the internship, learning about painting and the details of the program. Over the ensuing weeks, Zach attended internship meetings and acquired more knowledge about the logistics involved.

During that same period, a guest speaker named Paul Dragon, who was the president of CVOEO, delivered a speech in Zach's leadership and organizational behaviors class. Paul spoke about his life, his role at CVOEO, and what the organization does to help the Burlington community. Zach was impressed by Paul's character and story, and resolved to meet him again.

During the December break, while walking through downtown Burlington, Zach noticed people shivering in the cold, wearing multiple jackets and sitting at bus stops and in parks. He remembered that CVOEO was one of the organizations helping people without shelter, and he realized that his past experience in running his own business could be leveraged to help those in need.

By the end of the break, Zach secured a position at Job Well Done LLC, a local painting company in Burlington. He intended to work around his school schedule to learn the painting trade. In a short amount of time, he became friends with a particular painter named Josh, who had recently moved to Vermont and had been painting since high school, amassing a wealth of experience in a brief period. Zach grew to trust Josh and saw similarities in their work ethic and attention to detail. By the end of January, he recognized that their friendship had the potential to develop into a business partnership.


While working hard during cold winter and slow spring, Zach, Josh, and Jake have been working really hard on preparing for the first Joy and Jerry Meyers Cup at UVM Grossman School of Business.
By the end of spring Painting With Purpose successfully shares the final presentation and takes first place prize, winning the Meyers Cup along with the grant to boost business strategies and operations. 
Summer 2023 has brought their job total to over 100 jobs, expanding to 14 crew members, and bringing their donation total to $15,000 to their cause to help stop the Vermont Homelessness crisis.

On February 6th, 2022, the state of Vermont granted Zach Dunn and Joshua Malek a partnership for their professional painting business, Painting With Purpose LLC. Their mission was to beautify the greater Burlington area while also contributing to the solutions that combat Vermont's homelessness crisis by partnering with CVOEO. A portion of every job's profits would go towards individuals in shelters who were striving to secure permanent housing, whichwould aid in covering security deposits, first months' rent, and utility payments.
Their inaugural job was completed in March, where they renovated an entire interior home, transforming the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors to create a brand new look. Throughout Summer and Fall 2022, Painting With Purpose took on over 40 jobs, big and small, with a four-person crew and raised more than $10,500 for their cause. 
Painting With Purpose completes 2022 with 7 full time employees, an office, and dozens of happy clients. Upcoming February Zach, Josh, and Jake celebrate 2nd anniversary.


Currently, Painting With Purpose is widely known and respected, having received media coverage, positive customer reviews, and winning multiple UVM business pitch competitions. 
When you contact Painting With Purpose, you can expect top-quality work, effective communication, and peace of mind that a portion of the profit is going to enrich the community that we all share.
Call or email Painting With Purpose to schedule a free estimate for painting, staining, rot repair, pressure washing, EMP lead inspections, and window washing at 802-PAINTER and moc.tvpwp%40eciffO.